Octávio Oliveira
Light Technician

ACTA - Octávio Oliveira

He was born in Braga in 1974. After completing Secondary Education in the science area, he is admitted to the IPJ Braga as a youth animator. In 1997, he joined the Teatro de Ensaio Raul Brandão in Guimarães. In 1999, he enrolled in the Course of Theatre Studies at the University of Évora, which he attended until the 2nd year. In 2001 he collaborates with the company Tudo Faço - making and assembly of scenarios, and then became a freelancer in different theatres like Vilarinha theatre, Rivoli T.M., Balleteatro Auditório, Carlos Alberto theatre, among others. In 2003, he enrolled in the course of Light and Sound design at the School of Performing Arts. In 2006, he was accepted as stage machinery worker at Faro Municipal Theatre. In 2008, he joined ACTA.