Paulo Moreira

ACTA - Paulo Moreira

Born in Mozambique. He began in theatre in 1985 attending a course run by João Grosso. Later he attends various courses, workshops and seminars, in particular, Theatre Writing, Teacher Education and Training for Actors, with different trainers, in particular José Geraldo, Daniel Simon, Jean Pierre Ryngaert, Giséle Barret, Fernando Crespo, Bibi Perestrelo and Pierre Voltz. Between 1988 and 1998 he participates as an actor in several shows in GRETUA - Experimental Theatre Group at the University of Aveiro, in the Ideias do Levante Association of Lagoa, and in the Scenic Group Quatro Ventos of Albufeira, of which he is a co-founder. In this group he directs in 1998 RTX, by António Gedeão, in 1999 A Cantora Careca by Eugène Ionesco, and O Irmão in 2000 by David Mourão-Ferreira.
In 1999 he starts his collaboration with ACTA participating in the cast of Gente Singular by Teixeira Gomes, directed by José Louro; the same year he begins teaching Drama Workshop in the School of Albufeira, and still continues to teach in this area.
In 2001, he signs the staging and participates in the cast of Caligula, by Albert Camus, a show with a very good reception by the audience and by critics.
In 2003, he stages A Solidão na Casa do Regalo by Álamo Oliveira, followed in 2005 by Morrer como um Marquês by Alexandre Honrado and Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho by Victor Haim.
In 2007 he stages O Coração de um Homem by Lutz Hübner. In 2009 stages Bullying, a collective creation by Glória Fernandes, Luís de A. Miranda and Paulo Moreira.
In 2010 he stages A Cova dos Ladrões by Luis Campião.
He is a post-graduate in Theatre and Education by the University of Algarve and has a Supervision Masters (teacher training) by the University of Aveiro.


‘(…) a particularly unique personality that is part of the theatre identity of Algarve.’
Ana Cristina Oliveira, in “Meio Século de teatro no Algarve”, published in 2006