Tânia da Silva

ACTA - Tânia da Silva

After concluding her Major in Economics, she attended and concluded in 2004, the Training course for Technicians, Actors and Theatre entertainers, organized by ACTA. Between 1995 and 2005 she participated in the Theatre Group Tretas as an actress, producer and technician, interpreting authors such as Miguel Mihura, John Ford, Frederico Garcia Lorca and John Steinbeck. In 2003, as a trainee, she takes part in ACTA’s production of O Nariz by Nicolai Gogol. In 2004, as an intern-actress, she participates in Auto da Frequentada, texts by Gil Vicente and Antígona by Sophocles/Maria Zambrano. In 2005 she joins the cast of ACTA and participates as an actress in Papel Perfumado – Palavras de Namorar, Pandemónio by Luís Mourão, and Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho by Victor Haïm, as director’s assistant. In the same year she attends the class ‘Phenomenology of the Creative Dream’ by professor Maria João Neves; ‘Body and Dramatic Expression’ by Evegueni Beleaev and Natalya Abramova; ‘Voice and Singing’ by Afonso Dias and in the Jazz no Inverno workshop in 2005, directed by the teaching body of the Jazz School of the Hot Club of Portugal. Since 2005 she participates in poetry and music recitals. In 2006, she takes part in Prantos by Gil Vicente, as director’s assistant; O Nexo dos Sexos by Ana Baião and Ricardo III by William Shakespeare, as an actress. The following year, she participates as an actress in O Empresário by Mozart, and in O coração de um Homem by Lutz Hubner and mulheres.só By Jean McConnell, Dario Fo/Franca Rame and Charo Solanas, as the director’s assistant. In 2008 she is in the cast of Auto da India by Gil Vicente, A Lição de Offenbach by Jacques Offenbach and Dom Quixote by Cervantes and Luis Mourão. In 2009 she participates in Bullying, Canto Nono and George Dandin by Moliére, as an actress. The same year, she attends the workshop PER.FORM.A – Percorsi Formativi per Attori, by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, in Italy. In 2010, she joins the cast of Tróilo e Créssida by William Shakespeare and works as assistant to production in Insustentável Leveza and as an actress in Um Homem Singular – Retratos de Manuel Teixeira Gomes by Alexandre Honrado,. In 2011 she partakes in A Tempestade by William Shakespeare and Canto Nono as an actress. She worked with such directors as Luís Vicente, Joaquim Benite, Jorge Soares, Paulo Moreira, Paulo Matos, José Lourenço, Andrezj Kowalski and Gerhard Weber.


Em Papel Perfumado

“Tânia Silva takes advantage of her innocent looks to give this recital the beauty that only a beautiful girl can give. She surprises when she sings the poem by Florbela Espanca, music by Afonso Dias, ‘Os Versos que te Fiz’, puts the expected innocence in ‘Poema para Lili’ by Fernando Pessoa, becomes a giant when she recites the poem by Alexandre O’neill ‘Amigo’, summarizing, she is an actress that makes us believe that there is still beauty in this world. (…) We are in front of a complete actress that can also shine in the difficult art of reciting poetry.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 13/01/05

George Dandin

‘Tânia Silva has the responsibility of defending the character of Angelique. The figure and the artistic personality of Tânia Silva lead the character of Angelique to be the one from where the audience questions itself about the justice of an arranged marriage imposed socially.’
Ana Oiveira, Jornal do Algarve, 05/11/09

A Tempestade

‘It was surprising to see the expressive easiness and presence with what the Portuguese actors simply took the spotlight from their German colleagues.’
Metallkopf, 14/02/11

‘Tânia Silva, in a sensual and innocent Miranda, becomes a nymph and a muse that inspires the libidinous mind of Caliban, the lust of Prince Edward, and seduces even us.’
José Luís Correia, Contacto, 23/02/11