Luís de A. Miranda

ACTA - Luís de A. Miranda

He begins his work in theatre in 1990 in the University of Coimbra, where he participated in the shows Rododora and Notrebois des Oiseaux, by Pirouz Efthekari. In 1997 and 98, in Lisbon and Albufeira, he attends the training courses for actors promoted by Teatro da Trindade and by IAE. Still in 1998, in the Scenic Group Quatro Ventos, of Albufeira, he integrates the cast of RTX by António Gedeão and in 1999 A Cantora Careca by Eugéne Ionesco, having also designed the set and costumes for the show O Irmão by David Mourão-Ferreira. He trained in Voice, Singing, Dance, and Theatre Aesthetics with Afonso Dias, Evegueni Beleaev, and Maria João Neves. In 1999 he begins his collaboration with ACTA, joining the cast of Gente Singular by Manuel Teixeira Gomes. Followed by the shows Linda Inês by Armando Martins Janeira; Calígula by Albert Camus; Doubles ou Eles eram Dois by Michael Frayn, Antígona by Sophocles/Zambrano; Morrer como um Marquês by Alexandre Honrado; Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho by Victor Haim, in his own translation, História do Soldado by Ramuz/Stravinsky (co-production ACTA/Algarve Orchestra); Ricardo III by William Shakespeare; O Empresário by Mozart. After a brief pause, he returns in 2009 to join the cast of George Dandin by Molière and Um Homem Singular by Alexandre Honrado. He was directed by José Louro, Luís Vicente, Paulo Moreira, Jorge Soares and Paulo Matos. He has a Masters in Theatre and Education by the University of Algarve (having as teachers João Mota, Luca Aprea, Natália de Matos and Eugénia Vasques) and teaches in the Professional Course of Arts – Interpretation, in Albufeira.


Gente Singular

‘(…) it’s an excellent collective work of the company (…), namely of Luís Miranda, in the role of the writer and President of the Republic Manuel Teixeira Gomes. His work, as well as the others’, is remarkable.’
Algarve Hoje, 10/02/00

Morrer Como Um Marquês

“Luís A. Miranda has forgotten himself, in order to portray the Marquis of Pombal in his old age. Convincing, he does not exaggerate the tone or the continuing pain he felt. It’s a truthful representation of a defeated old man who did not stop believing in Portugal.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 07/04/05

George Dandin

‘Luis Miranda plays perfectly his role as the young lover who fools George Dandin.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 05/11/09