Um Espectáculo ( Bela e Abel)
72º Production
Premiere: 25 th March 2017

ACTA - Um Espectáculo ( Bela e Abel) ACTA - Um Espectáculo ( Bela e Abel)

Tour: Faro, Porto, Saragoça, Viana do Castelo, Moita, Vila do Bispo, Portimão, Albufeira, Almada

In a space that is a Theater (a metaphor of the world) it all happens: a director intends to create a play idealized in his mind; a producer tries to stop his imaginative avalanches. In this conflict, these two naif characters explore, each one on their own, ways to get the job done and save the World. In the Theater; through the Theater. Formally and thematically speaking the text clearly identifies affinities with Beckett's universe. None the less, Robert Pinget, explores and suggests other aspects that surpass the absurd of the whole situation and the emptiness of Beckett-like comunication projecting other types of conflict.