Past Scenes

Gente Singular
7th Production
Premiere: 10/12/1999

ACTA - Gente Singular ACTA - Gente Singular ACTA - Gente Singular

Tour: Portimão, Faro, Loulé, Vila Real de Sto. António

Scenically it’s like a canvas. The prominences of the figures emerge from that painting. The transition, regarding the characters and their linguistic equivalent, is made out of a brush stroke of irony and mockery, of hallucination and ridiculous, but also of elegancy and delightfulness.
The figures progress physically and psychologically painting by painting, between simulation and confession. Thus is also true with Manuel Teixeira Gomes, whom we brought to life on stage. However, and to cut short the drama narrative (a burlesque tragicomedy), he will be a mere apocryphal character in this drama.

Press highlight

‘(…) it’s an excellent collective work of the company (…), namely of Luís Miranda, in the role of the writer and President of the Republic Manuel Teixeira Gomes. His work, as well as the others’, is remarkable.’
Algarve Hoje, 10/02/00