Past Scenes

76th production
Premiere: 25th April 2019

ACTA -  Unlikely ACTA -  Unlikely ACTA -  Unlikely ACTA -  Unlikely

Tour: Faro, Braga, Covilhã, Loulé, Sevilha, Cáceres, Porto, Viana do Castelo, Montemuro, Albufeira

About an unlikely meeting between two men who had crossed paths before in a determined moment of their lives in opposite roles. They were both young. They met in the sadly famous António Maria Cardoso street, in PIDE/DGS (International and Defense State Police 45-69) headquarters. One of these men was a political prisoner and the other one his tormentor. One of themwas tortured, and the other one was the torturer. The play is divided into two lanes. In the first one, two inner
monologues, where characters talk about themselves, each one of their own lives in both the past and the present; in the second the meeting happens and that's where the two present different realities collide. All this happens a few days before the
celebration of the 45 years of the 25th of April of 1974.

Classificação Etária: Maiores de 12 anos

Ficha Artística, Técnica e de Produção

Texto: José Martins
Encenação: Luís Vicente
Assistência de Encenação: Sara Mendes Vicente
Intérpretes: Luís Vicente, Pedro Monteiro
Desenho e Operação de Luz: Octávio Oliveira
Desenho e Operação de Som: Diogo Aleixo
Multimédia: João Franck
Espaço Cénico e Figurinos: Luís Vicente, Sara Mendes Vicente, Octávio Oliveira
Adereços: Tó Quintas
Grafismo e Fotografia: Rita Merlin
Comunicação: Sofia Rodrigues