Past Scenes

As Tranquilas Aventuras do Diálogo
5th Production
Premiere: 13/04/1999

ACTA - As Tranquilas Aventuras do Diálogo ACTA - As Tranquilas Aventuras do Diálogo ACTA - As Tranquilas Aventuras do Diálogo

Tour: Faro, Portimão, Loulé, Almada, Guarda, Albufeira, Tavira, Vila Real de Sto. António, Seixal, Lisboa

Imagine a garden, imagine also a finite and an infinite number of paths, and then, look at the the facts. The human element are enchanted poets; the substance of wandering words; the body, of a certain Borges, Jorge Luis, Argentinian, remotely descendent of Portuguese people, a maker; of Pessoa, Fernando: Portuguese, who emigrated to South Africa as a child and came back as an adult to write a message; of Campos, Álvaro de, who, if ever existed, was born in Tavira, went to Glasgow, made a trip to the Far East and then returned to Lisbon to fulfil his destiny. And we won’t say more.

Press highlights

‘The sober direction and scenography and the mimetic construction of the interpreters, (Luís Vicente, in a humorous and enigmatic Fernando Pessoa, Pedro Ramos in an impressive Borges reminding Lorca, and Jorge Soares, as Campos that shouts his irreverence) create an excellent canvas for this homage to great poetry.’
Eugénia Vasques, Expresso, 24/04/99

‘Pedro Ramos, Luís Vicente and Jorge Soares are the actors who portray, with admirable resemblance, these immortal figures. They can be better known in the very elaborate play program of ACTA, where one can find an interview with Borges, a meticulous timetable of the real Campos, Borges and Pessoa, and many more you shall see.’
Manuel João Gomes, Público, 19/09/99

‘It was worth going to Faro to see “As Tranquilas Aventuras do Diálogo”, a rich text from Teresa Rita Lopes that keeps alive that craving from drama writing, which doesn’t disregard the poetic charge in which she dives her dramaturgic expressivity. […] The containment that defined the role of the stage director has a direct correspondence in the clarity and affirmation of the interpreters, contributing for the quality of a show that is worth revisiting. As the company that produced it deserves to be supported in a way to ensure the existence of a group that is capable of a strong connection to the region.’
Carlos Porto, Jornal de Letras, 05/05/99

‘The heroic effort of a Company that continues to need support in order to exist, and whose intense creativity, educated and of a more then proved quality, doesn’t depend entirely on the goodwill of those who are part of the group.’
Ana Músico, Jornal do Algarve, 20/04/2000