Past Scenes

Premiere: 18th novembre 2016

Tour: Faro

The starting point for the creation of this show is a poem by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen which has the title “Catarina Eufémia”. In this poem, two correlative themes are central to the the text that ACTA commissioned to Jacinto Lucas Pires: the theme of Justice and the relationship that Sophia established between Catarina and Antigone; uniting in this fashion the past and the contemporary. Starting from the particular political context that led to the murder of Catarina Eufémia by Salazar's repression forces (1954) will seek to bring in the wake of that poem, an ethical reflection expressed in a multidisciplinary feature (theatre, music and dance).


AUTOR: Jacinto Lucas Pires · DRAMATURGIA E ENCENAÇÃO: Luís Vicente · INTERPRETAÇÃO: Sandra Barata Belo (protagonista), Pedro
Lima, Luís Vicente, Elisabete Martins, Glória Fernandes, Sara Mendes Vicente, Tânia da Silva, entre outros/as · ESPAÇO C ÉNICO E F IGURINOS:
Jean-Guy Lecat · EXECUÇÃO C ENOGRÁFICA: Tó Quintas · COREOGRAFIAS: Filipa Rodriguez · PRODUÇÃO: ACTA