Past Scenes

Laço de Sangue
59th Production
Premiere: 07/12/2011

ACTA - Laço de Sangue ACTA - Laço de Sangue ACTA - Laço de Sangue

Tour: Faro, Almada, Lagoa, Loulé, Lagos, Albufeira, Coimbra, Évora, Lisboa, Matosinhos

Two brothers, same mother, one light skinned and the other dark skinned, try to overcome the tedium of their existence by purchasing a newspaper, so that Zach, dark skinned and illiterate, may find a pen pal. By arranging a white female pen pal, in a South Africa bound by apartheid, a dangerous game is created, where the two brothers start to acknowledge the problems and the barriers of the skin tone, with all theirs fears and hatreds, locked in a suit and in a different skin tone.
In this play, Fugard doesn't discuss just the blood know between two brothers, but the blood knot between all men. The blood knot, that has been twisted or shattered by the terrible conscience of race and caste, has been the problem that crossed centuries.