Past Scenes

Canto Nono
48th Production (Restaging)
Premiere: 29/07/2011

ACTA - Canto Nono ACTA - Canto Nono ACTA - Canto Nono

Tour: Portimão, Loulé, Lagos

The IXth Canto from The Lusiads appears in Camões's epic narrative primarily as a corollary of a pagan festival, an award that the venerable Venus believes is due to the Portuguese, in recognition of their bravery and for this they are entitled to earthly compensation.
Canto Nono is not a step by step elaboration of the moments of the canto, but an allusion to that epic moment of Camões, where the characters intersect with a sense of celebration and the poetic becoming: Oh Portugal, Portugal! / What are you waiting for?