Past Scenes

O Primeiro
57th Production
Premiere: 26/03/2011

ACTA - O Primeiro ACTA - O Primeiro ACTA - O Primeiro

Tour: Lagoa, Albufeira, Loulé, Lagos, Portimão, Faro, São Brás de Alportel, Tavira, Vila do Bispo

Five characters – 4 men, 1 woman – make a queue from a line drawn on the floor.
The amusing but fierce confrontation happens when each one of the five characters desires to be the first on that queue they formed for NOTHING AT ALL.
In the philosophical level, the play shows the ridiculous of the apparent substance of some confrontations that happen between individuals living in society.
According to the stage director, ‘O Primeiro is about dispute and the way you get there is not important. The important is to get there. Even if it means to disrespect, harm, or trample the other.
O Primeiro is a competition for the place entitled only for the one who is, in fact, the best.
These five characters desperately fight for the first place, in a queue that has no purpose. Aren’t we also fighting for that number one place, by unthinkable reasons, in queues that serve also for absolutely nothing?’

Press highlight

Although the text is more fluent in the older company actors, the young interns were up to the task acting side by side with one of the biggest actors in the country.’
‘Elisabete Martins managed to print a certain rhythm to the stage direction.’
‘Júdice Neto fulfils quite well his role as the first one (…) He has a very interesting body management and a speech suitable for his character.’
‘Luis Marreiros (…) plays his role according to what is expected from his character, dominating the stage with his energy.’
‘Luís Vicente is hilarious with his dandy character.’
‘Bruno Martins is stupendous in his role (…) and Ana Lala perfectly staggering (…)’
‘The actors kept the level of interest in the show’.
Ana Cristina Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 21/04/11