Past Scenes

Palatravi Malac Mic
2nd Production
Premiere: 09/05/1998

ACTA - Palatravi Malac Mic ACTA - Palatravi Malac Mic ACTA - Palatravi Malac Mic

Tour: Faro, Portimão, Vila Real de Sto. António, Albufeira, Loulé, Lagoa, Lagos

‘Palatravi Malac Mic’, these were the first words Friday said to Robinson Crusoe. This play tells the story of the encounter between two men. It starts with Robinson’s sorrow, carries on with a funny plot around his intimate dramas that arose from the appearance of Friday, and finishes with the inner conflicts of those two men regarding Crusoe’s return to civilization. It’s a text that touches a wide variety of problems, some tragic (like Crusoe’s decision to exterminate all the goats), some comic (like Crusoe’s dreams) and some dramatic (like Crusoe’s thoughts concerning civilization).

Press highlights

‘The show that’s on stage of the beautiful theatre Lethes, in Faro, is a huge shout: a vibrant shout of the theatre brought back to life in the Algarve’s capital and starts a new life; it’s a shout/embrace between theatre men from Brazil (Grisolli), Guinea-Bissau (Noé Barbosa) and Portugal (Luís Vicente). And after all it’s the art of communication that one can admire the most between the two actors. It’s that miracle that the gentlemen who rule the Palatravi Algarves will find in Lethes Theatre. Go there and watch it, this theatre doesn’t bite. Its pure communication, it is a big celebration. It’s the union that sometimes doesn’t happen in theatre but happens in each and every moment of Palatravi Malac Mic.’
Manuel João Gomes, Público, 11/05/98