Past Scenes

A Tempestade / Der Sturm
55th Production (Co-Production with Theater Trier and Theatre National du Luxembourg)
Premiere: 12/02/2011

ACTA - A Tempestade / Der Sturm ACTA - A Tempestade / Der Sturm ACTA - A Tempestade / Der Sturm ACTA - A Tempestade / Der Sturm

Tour: Trier (Alemanha), Luxemburgo (Luxemburgo), Portimão, Faro

The Tempest is a story of revenge, it’s a love story, and it’s a story of opportunist conspiracies. An island is inhabited by Prosperous, Duque of Milan, a mage of ample powers, and his daughter Miranda, that were taken there by force, in an act of political betrayal. Prosperous has at his service Caliban, a slave on earth, an adult and deformed man, and Ariel, a servile and asexual servant who can transfigure himself into air, fire or water. The scholar and magical powers of Prosperous and Ariel combine, and after creating a shipwreck, Prosperous sets his enemies on the island, with the intention of bringing them into mental insanity…

Press highlight

‘Luís Vicente shines in the leading role and his strict hard look, but also patriarchal, is portentous.’
‘Tânia Silva, in a sensual and innocent Miranda, becomes a nymph and a muse that inspires the libidinous mind of Caliban, the lust of Prince Edward, and seduces even us.’
‘Carlos Pereira is an ethereal Ariel. And even if in Mamer the actor wasn’t lifted by wires like the premiere in Trier, Carlos made the technical problem be forgotten and flew light and subtle on stage and on the island, charming islanders, shipwrecked and spectators.’
‘Caliban, played by Mário Spencer, was, in our opinion, the character that amused the audience the most. The actor plays a troglodyte slave, hilarious, fabulous, jumping, waving, and gesticulating and shouting, seeming to take on the whole stage (…)’
José Luis Correia, Contacto, 23/02/11

‘The sylph Ariel, fluttering in the stage air, played by Carlos Pereira, is vividly concise.’
Dieter Lintz, Triericher Volksfreund, 14/02/11

‘It was surprising to see the expressive easiness and presence with what the Portuguese actors simply took the spotlight from their German colleagues.’
Metallkopf, 14/02/11

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