Past Scenes

Dom Quixote
44th Production
Premiere: 14/11/2008

ACTA - Dom Quixote ACTA - Dom Quixote ACTA - Dom Quixote

Tour: Portimão, Lagoa, Vila Real de Sto. António, Tavira, Lagos, Loulé, Faro, Albufeira

The action takes place on an imaginary refugee camp, where a group of ‘theatre makers’ tries to stage D. Quixote, by Cervantes. The group is formed by people from all over the world; their common link is the desire to have a better life, in a better world. While maintaining a good part of the fights of The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure, there will be some episodes, here and there, and characters that are recognized from our own time. But this is not an update of D. Quixote. What is timeless cannot be updated; it is read and re-read bearing in mind the conveniences and needs of each time.
In this micro-universe of the camp, one of the refugees becomes a true Knight-errant. He, like all others, dashes into a dream capable of shattering the barriers and the walls around them: ‘The strongest weapon is hope. There will come a time when we will have nothing more than it. This is when we find we still have everything.’

Press highlight

‘We highlight a cast in full adulthood.’
Viva Algarve, 06/11/08

‘With a vast experience on the stages of the Algarve, ACTA already know the needs and conditions of working in this region. Therefore, the set is probably one of the most minimalistic we have ever seen. And we appreciate it is so, since it allows us to see with clarity the level of its actors (…) the cast is clearly at ease.’
Bruno Filipe Pires, Viva Algarve, 06/11/08