Past Scenes

Que Farei com este Livro?
41st Production (Co-Production with Companhia de Teatro de Almada)
Premiere: 22/11/2007

ACTA - Que Farei com este Livro? ACTA - Que Farei com este Livro? ACTA - Que Farei com este Livro?

Tour: Almada, Faro, Lisboa

Is it a play about Camões? Not exactly. It’s a play about the artist's role in society. Que Farei com Este Livro? by José Saramago, is, as the author suggests, a "non commemorative vision" of the author of The Lusiads.
Our proposal is to extend the reflection on the work and life of the poet to the very life of art and the context in which it is formed.
Camões, in this staging, is not a biography but a question. He is not the bard located in an age, but an age (all ages) located in the world of creation. The visible inquisition and the invisible inquisition are the negative protagonists of this show: its permanent background music. The poem that first emerges, and then elaborates, rises, as a whole, outlines itself in the front line of the struggle for independence, and finally breaks free of its creator - this the very course of a show that aspires to nothing more than to establish the bridge, made of contrasts and assimilation, between two historic margins. But the bed that this bridge crosses over is completed, as usual and with an increasing obsession, by a single question, the usual problem - that of freedom. And its meaning here, in this show, is clearly this: the freedom to be able to eat and live, and freedom to be able to create. Poetry, in short: the taste for bread and the bread of taste.