Past Scenes

40th Production
Premiere: 11/10/2007

ACTA - mulheres.só ACTA - mulheres.só ACTA - mulheres.só

Tour: Faro, Albufeira, Portimão, Lagoa, Loulé, Tavira, Vila Real de Sto. António, Coimbra

In the end, the issue with the man/woman relation is, in multiple aspects, today and like it was in the past, a question of anthropophagy. Unamuno says that man can’t live but from hunger. The most vivid expression of love is “I’m going to eat you/do you!” (…) But today we no longer eat the meat; but we can and should eat the souls. And he insists it should be so, despite the painful digestion, so that one may truly exist.
It is of these themes, in their real and metaphorical embrace, that this show speaks of and where, once again but according to a different semiological paradigm, I search the perfection of the sign. Now, in this new stage direction (since in 2000 I already had approached these same texts in another show – Mulher, mulheres), I basically search in some moments a better approach to the lack of naturalism in what the actresses work is concerned.
And as for the ultimate purpose of this last work, I reaffirm what I wrote in 2000: Maurice Blanchout says that all work of art only exist because it lives out of imperfection. And Franca Rame challenges us: We’ve been crying for two thousand years. Let’s laugh now. Laugh at ourselves. May the laughter and the imperfection constitute a good dish for the soul between applauses or stamping of the feet. Bon appétit!

Press highlight

‘They are desperate, nervous, but they can still laugh at themselves. It was like that 8 years ago and it still is, even after the turn of the century. This is, at least, Luís Vicente’s vision, who decided to restage the play “Mulher, mulheres” now under a new title “Mulheres.só”, putting on stage some of the demons that populate the female universe (…) He gave a new dynamic to the actresses work, Elisabete Martins and Glória Fernandes, who now had the task of presenting a dialogue and two monologues.’
Filipe Antunes, Barlavento, 18/10/07