Past Scenes

O Empresário
39th Production (Co-Production with Orquestra do Algarve)
Premiere: 01/06/2007

ACTA - O Empresário ACTA - O Empresário ACTA - O Empresário

Tour: Faro, Albufeira, Loulé, Lagos, Lagoa, Tavira, Portimão, Vila Real de Sto. António, São Brás de Alportel, Braga

Director Queiroz gets a letter from the Ministry of Culture ensuring funds for the Southern Society of Performing Arts but with a set of conditions. A debate is set up between the Director and his assistants about the quality criteria, and auditions are scheduled to choose and hire actors and singers. On the day set for these auditions (the very day of the show) appears a multitude of candidates: the entire audience.
And then begin the comical adventures: the rich Mr Azevedo bribes the company to hire his mistress. She appears and insists on being auditioned: she performs an ultra-romantic Frei Luís de Sousa. One more candidate comes to the stage, young, serious and professional, and she will play a monologue of Medea that immediately enchants the Director, and makes Silva, his assistant, to fall asleep. A singer goes up, by the hand of the Maestro. She sings a modest aria, and everyone promises her that she will be the prima donna of the company. Mrs Ivette, a star of popular theatre, is called upon, and presents a scene of comedy which Director Queiroz isn’t very happy with. And finally comes a singer that with her high soprano voice claims the status as the prima donna. The triplet sets the rules and peace will come with the final quartet where everyone will want to give their best for the art. At the end, the horizon will lighten up with the splendour ofthe dreams and accomplishments of each of the new artists of the Southern Society of Performing Arts. Director Queiroz reconciles the minds and wills with his "love of art"...

Press highlight

‘It’s nice to know that, in the Algarve, there are some people working at the same level of what is best done in the world. It’s good to see that there are people with ideas, capable of joining efforts and give life to projects that become excellent and original shows. “O Empresário”, to which Barlavento had the pleasure to attend in the Municipal Park of the Estombar Fountains, shows that even with few means it’s possible to produce quality.’
Barlavento, 28/06/07

‘(…) the joint performance of both ACTA and the Orchestra of the Algarve, presenting the play “O Empresário” by Mozart, to commemorate of the 5th anniversary of the Orchestra of the Algarve, which is directed by the young but competent maestro Osvaldo Ferreira, whose show is of high quality, was very appreciated and justly applauded.’
Correio Meridional, 05/07/07