Past Scenes

O Coração de um Homem
38th Production
Premiere: 06/04/2007

ACTA - O Coração de um Homem ACTA - O Coração de um Homem ACTA - O Coração de um Homem

Tour: Loulé, Albufeira, Tavira, Lagoa, Faro, Portimão, Setúbal, Lagos

Leo, an elder and an ex-boxer, finds himself confined to a room in a home for elderly people considered dangerous. Jójó is a young man sentenced by court to do some community service in that same home, as he was found guilty of a motorcycle theft. A friendship will grow between the two men that initially despise one another, and soon will turn into complicity. Leo will help Jójó to stay away from his devious behaviour and ultimately help him getting the girl he is in love with, and Jójó will help Leo in his plans to escape from that home.
In short, through confrontation/encounter between two generations, O Coração de um Homem is a portrait of the social neglect to which many elders are exposed in these homes, while being also a manifesto of hope for an urban youth with no prospects and easily pushed into marginality.

Press highlight

‘João Jonas shows perfectly the change of attitude along the show. (…) Afonso Dias plays the true leading character of this story (…) all is made in the right time (…) with the dignity of a great actor. (…) Paulo Moreira (…) was able to take from a good text all the essential elements and make an excellent show.’
Ana Cristina Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 24/05/07