Past Scenes

Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho
32nd Production
Premiere: 22/10/2005

ACTA - Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho ACTA - Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho ACTA - Os Fantasmas do Homem do Talho

Tour: Faro, Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Loulé, Lagos, Albufeira, Lagoa, Tavira, Castelo Branco, Covilhã

Lucas, the butcher, and Bia are partners in a marriage that seems to be on the verge of its ending, at least when it comes to the feminine side. To win back the love of his wife, Lucas intends to renew itself as a man, changing attitudes, ideals, and concepts of life. Sceptical of his intentions, Bia tells him that for this to happen, a revolution against himself would be necessary. While all of this happens, Lucas is visited by the "ghosts" that populate his emotional and professional imagination, showing us his innermost being through the monologues and dialogues that he keeps in those moments.

Press highlight

‘(...) we can say that this production is a bitter comedy that surprises us. The surprise comes not from the quality of the actors (Glória Fernandes, Luís de A. Miranda and Afonso Dias) which the Algarve has being enjoying for some time. Nor does it come from the experienced hand in the direction of Paulo Moreira, who has already found its line of staging and works it with consistency. (...) With a sarcastic bitterness, the text can amuse, fooling us all the time with some oneiric moments and of Pirandellian inspiration. The simple but effective set with versatile solutions, due to the witty style of Tó Quintas, helps to highlight the work of the actors (...).’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 20/10/05