Past Scenes

31st Production
Premiere: 19/05/2005

ACTA - Pandemónio ACTA - Pandemónio ACTA - Pandemónio

Tour: Vila Real de Sto. António, Albufeira, Loulé, Faro, Tavira, Lagoa, Portimão, São Brás de Alportel, Castro Marim

Pandemónio has as its backdrop the story of human evolution - with its advances and setbacks, its contradictions, its conflicts. It is not intended to reproduce or to recreate the original myth of chaos but rather, in relation to it, to create environments and generate feelings. Pandemónio is built according to a logical progression that goes from simple to complex; the space of this progression is that of a wheel - wagon – boat - balloon. It’s a unique construction with which its creators move around, between some details of conflicts, evoking some of the greatest discoveries of mankind. Each step brings a new creation, and with it, a new instability. The resolution of the conflict is proposed through the use of devices concerning our collective and popular imagination. It’s in this pandemonium that we move forward. How? We follow the wind and go forward because we do not want to stay here.

Press highlight

‘Kowalski’s scenic solutions are simple and striking. (…) The scene where the ladybird is pierced by a spear and torn to death is just delirious. Or the one in which the annoying devil tries to suck the earth where the angels try to plant seeds. The music by Zé Eduardo accompanies perfectly all the nuances of the show, whether in the chaos of the original creation, or in the most tender and compelling moments. Tó Quintas continues to surprise us, lending to the dream machine a little bit of his own: the ability to always find something beyond and build it. (...) It has been a long time that ACTA didn’t have a summer show like this. I hope they will continue to invest in this track.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 30/06/05