Past Scenes

Morrer Como um Marquês
30th Production
Premiere: 26/03/2005

ACTA - Morrer Como um Marquês ACTA - Morrer Como um Marquês ACTA - Morrer Como um Marquês

Tour: Loulé, Faro, Albufeira, São Brás de Alportel, Tavira, Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Lagoa, Lagos

Comedies often have, at their origin and content, some unresolvable bitterness and here also we have no way of resolving them: we tell a story whose action occurs in the last living days of the Marquis of Pombal, and it’s told in a rather free version, associating the figure of the most famous Prime Minister of Portugal, D. Maria I, the Queen, extremely pious and dominated by the nobles, who was a sworn enemy of the great minister. The bitterness is inherent to the facts and their outcome. History itself accounts for this so we cannot go around it. We want to tell you just that, the story, but crossing it with our days, keeping an eye on the evidence: more than two hundred and fifty years later, there are still those who worship the Marquis - asking in prayers and other evocations that he may return – saying that nowadays we needed someone who would know what to do, that he was one of those, etc…

Press highlight

‘(…) the character of the Marquis, which is worth the show just by itself. Luis A. Miranda has forgotten himself, in order to portray the Marquis of Pombal in his old age. Convincing, he does not exaggerate the tone or the continuing pain he felt. It’s a truthful representation of a defeated old man who did not stop believing in Portugal.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 07/04/05