Past Scenes

Auto da Frequentada
27th Production (Co-Production with Grémio das Músicas)
Premiere: 09/07/2004

ACTA - Auto da Frequentada ACTA - Auto da Frequentada ACTA - Auto da Frequentada

Tour: Albufeira, Tavira, Portimão, Loulé, Lagos, Vila Real de Sto. António, Faro, Lagoa

In a surreal dynamic, it is intended, by the use of Gil Vicente’s texts, to rise metaphors that speak of our virtues and our flaws, always ensuring fun and complicity with the audience. In the centre of the narrative, a woman – Constança, from Auto da Índia: the ‘Frequentada’ (frequented).

Press highlight

‘The ambience is a patchwork of Gil Vicente’s texts, where there are acrobats, devils, demons, fencing lessons, dancers and witches, including a moment of drama, depicting "Auto da Índia", in a stage which is set live, in the way of medieval street theatre. This is precisely the strong spot of this show: a scent of acrobats and fifteenth century techniques, that make this production an historical document without being historical, scholarly without being pretentious and incisive without hurting – as we might expect, based on a text of Gil Vicente.’
Patricia Amaral, Postal do Algarve, 09/09/04