Past Scenes

Doubles ou Eles Eram Dois
18th Production
Premiere: 15/11/2002

ACTA - Doubles ou Eles Eram Dois ACTA - Doubles ou Eles Eram Dois ACTA - Doubles ou Eles Eram Dois

Tour: Portimão, Faro, Albufeira, Vila Real de Sto. António, Tavira, Loulé, Lagos

Two couples find themselves on vacation in hotel rooms. They enjoy their vacations just because, but they preferred to do something else. They get over some setbacks not to get divorced. They make small attempts to refresh the relationship, immediately abandoned by the force of the routine that has long been settled between them: the expectations, abandoned dreams, disenchantment and the preserving of relationships that only have routine as its support. It’s a dramatic comedy.

Press highlight

‘(…) In this work we see the reverse of what has been said so far, i.e., instead of ruining a good theatre play, we saw the transformation of a text of relative little interest in a good show. And how did this transformation occur? With of the intelligence of the director. And the dedication, competence and, that's it, the love that this team has been devoting to this project. (...) Again, Jorge Soares is surprising, now as a director. (...) Moreover, the pace, the equity between the four actors and the vaguely absurd crossing that is part of the staging, allows me to give, as well as the audience (...), congratulations to ACTA.’
Algarve Mais, 12/02