Past Scenes

O Julgamento
17th Production
Premiere: 14/07/2002

ACTA - O Julgamento ACTA - O Julgamento ACTA - O Julgamento

Tour: Loulé, Albufeira, Lagos, Faro, Portimão, Tavira, Vila Real de Sto. António

It is a street show with a collective staging. It’s intended to reflect on war heroes and their usefulness to mankind. Along the procession presented by the spectacle, heroes of our collective unconscious will be parading. It’s a funny way to think about a serious subject. In the limbo between life and death, the trial of mankind. Only mankind can judge. May the defendants enter! Mankind. Power. War. Peace. The audience is the scale, the weights, the measures, the defence, the prosecution and the verdict itself. Enter the witnesses!

Press highlight

‘This company brought Praça do Mar in Quarteira to delirium with the premiere of their latest production, O Julgamento. One hour well spent in which we think about war, peace and we won’t be depressed in the end. All of this managed by ACTA’s cast of actors. A show you must see, advisable even to the most elitist scholars.’
Ana Oliveira, Algarve Mais, Agosto 2002

‘A clean work that meets its purposes as a street show, bringing the audience into interacting in a good and relaxed mood, while following the actors spontaneously. [...] A nice surprise in a well spent summer evening.’
Ana Oliveira, Algarve Mais, Setembro 2002