Past Scenes

15th Production
Premiere: 16/11/2001

ACTA - Calígula ACTA - Calígula ACTA - Calígula

Tour: Portimão, Faro, Vila Real de Sto. António, Tavira, Albufeira, Arcos de Valdevez, Setúbal, Almada, Lagos, Loulé

The text by Albert Camus is well known. The staging is intended to give a scenic body to this text, emphasizing some aspects of the human condition and suggesting its questioning, in particular regarding the limits of willpower, the political survival contingencies, the obverse and reverse of the absurdity of human existence ... Besides Caligula, some of the characters that will have a particular relevance in these philosophical questions that the text proposes - and that the stage direction will highlight - are of course Cherea and Helicon.

Press highlight

‘The premiere of the play Calígula in the “Outonos do Teatro” festival in Portimão, demonstrated the serious and professional work that ACTA is developing.’
Barlavento, 22/11/01

‘The work of Luís Vicente as an actor in this play would be enough to justify this show, in the way its strength and sensitivity seemed entirely convincing to us. This, of course, without taking into account all those who took part in this high quality show (…) a show that reveals or rather confirms the work of a group whose activity is situated out of the big centres and proves that the Portuguese theatre progresses.’
Carlos Porto, Jornal de Letras, 12/12/01

‘Caligula constituted the most pleasant surprise in the “Outonos do Teatro” festival. (…) ACTA closed the festival, with a show that surpassed all expectations (…). The dramaturgical adaptation of the stage director Paulo Moreira worked perfectly, and turned the text easy to understand even for the least informed spectator. In fact, Paulo Moreira built a sober and accessible show, without leaving aside the philosophical questions asked by Camus through the logical yet sick mind of Caligula. (…) Luís Vicente’s work as Caligula is too convincing in its madness populated by strong moments of clarity that are capable of causing anguish to the spectator. (…) Glória Fernandes, as Caesonia, proves once again to be one of the best talents in ACTA. Her Caesonia is passionate, bound to her destiny, a woman who suffers for being chained to a love she does not understand or control. Her feelings are almost maternal, and like all mothers, she prefers to be blind and ignore her son’s flaws.’
Cristina Pinto, Barlavento, 22/11/01

‘Culminating the productions program for the company in 2001 (…) this premiere comes as a moment of adulthood of its work that, by the hand of its director, actor Luís Vicente, started 3 years ago. (…) His impeccable technique of speech, allows the spectator to ear even the gasps of anger or the shouts of fear, facilitates the understanding of a complex text, and binds the spectator. From the cast we also note the work of Pedro Guerreiro Ramos (Cherea) and Mário Spencer (Helicon) a noble and a slave united in the love for this “Caesar”, their judgment and reason being depleted and which will only be regained at the time of the conspiracy resulting in death.’
Conceição Branco, Magazine do Algarve, Dezembro 2001

‘(…) my endearment for the strong performance of Luís Vicente as Caligula, the leading character in Albert Camus’s play.’
Anabela Moutinho, Notícias do Algarve, 04/12/02

‘During the over two hours the presentation lasts, the spectator accompanies the hallucinating rhythm of the words, the mimics, the energy, the intention that the actors carry on stage: high theatre! ACTA, in this text by Camus, in its staging, direction and all the rest, showed us a serious and uninhibited work.’
Teodomiro Neto, Jornal do Algarve, 14/02/02