Past Scenes

A Baronesa e a Porca
14th Production
Premiere: 27/03/2001

ACTA - A Baronesa e a Porca ACTA - A Baronesa e a Porca ACTA - A Baronesa e a Porca

Tour: Faro, Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Tavira, Albufeira

Paris. Late XIXth century. The baroness, a figure of culture, sensitivity and elegance, the embodiment of a certain European humanist ideal, decides to take into her services a rustic and boorish young woman who had been, since childhood, raised in a pigsty... In honour of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the idealistic Baroness gives this "good savage" the name of Emilia. Fate thus brings together two women who personify and summarize fundamental epistemological dichotomies of Western culture: to be / to know, reason / passion, nature / artifice; innate / acquired... The precious aristocratic and the tamed wild child will face up to and end up influencing one another.

Press highlight

‘(…) this show has the most beautiful performances by Glória Fernandes and Elisabete Martins.’
Magazine do Algarve, 05/01

‘Her [Elisabete Martins] biggest performance yet as an actress happens, also in 2001, in A Baronesa e a Porca, by Michael Mackenzie, directed by Isabel Pereira dos Santos.’
Cristina Pinto, Barlavento, 21/03/02