Past Scenes

Auto das Andanças
11th Production
Premiere: 22/07/2000

ACTA - Auto das Andanças ACTA - Auto das Andanças ACTA - Auto das Andanças

Tour: Faro, Vila Real de Sto. António, Portimão, Barcelos, Olhão, Tavira, Albufeira

The Adventures of Portuguese sailors in the 1500’s have unique aspects to them and well known by the world. But there are others less well known. ACTA discovered the story of a woman, named Ana Pereira, who disguised herself as a man and walked the decks with Diogo Cão and Vasco da Gama. The show is about her adventures.
It is a show where the image has an added value in relation to the word using techniques of street theatre, circus techniques, the Fair Theatre (with giant puppets) and fireworks.

Press highlight

‘Here, I could write about some initiatives of cultural relevance that will take place this week, such as the Dulce Pontes concert, the opening of the book fair in Tavira, etc; but instead I chose to write about and recommend to you “Auto das Andanças”, this week’s highlight.’
Isabel Gonçalves, Jornal 123, 20/07/00

‘An example of boldness and courage comes from ACTA, that fought against winds and currents and especially against the indifference of those who make decisions, and managed to convince a few of them. And ACTA built a show of international level: Auto das Andanças could easily be a famous Catalan import.’
João Prudêncio, Jornal do Algarve, 28/12/00

‘Tó Quintas was, as we could synthesize, this year’s revelation […] A set designer, he designed for “Auto das Andanças” an authentic traveling machine that passed by the Square like a flying machine. It’s a work of a remarkable creativity and invention which had its origin upon the observation of a fly’s organism.’
V.G., Jornal do Algarve, 11/01/01